About Us

How Does Olmsted Outreach Work?

  • Each member program is expected to have its own advisory committee - a group of people who meet together to pray, to plan and to provide direction, and execute the mission of the program.
  • Each member program raises its own funds. Olmsted Outreach Board does not engage in fund raising.
  • Olmsted Outreach is the legal recipient of tax deductible donations to your organization. A business checking account will be set up for you, with the Olmsted Outreach treasurer as one of the signatories. The donations you receive will be put into this account for your use. We require regular reporting of income and expenses.
  • The Olmsted Outreach Board does not involve itself with the day to day operation of any of its programs, except to the extent that we are providing payroll or accounting services.

What does Olmsted Outreach offer to your organization?

  • Our 501(c)(3) designation allows tax deductible receipting for donations that benefit of your organization.
  • Our 501(c)(3) designation allows us to receive certain donations and to apply for certain grants on your behalf.
  • We carry general liability insurance that covers all our ministries, the cost of which is shared among the various ministry/programs.
  • We file the required federal government reports including form 990.
  • We contract for payroll services for you if needed.
  • We provide monthly accounting of income and expenses.
  • We are a designated United Way recipient, which allows people to use their United Way donations to assist you.